About us

CLP works in the field of very precise machining of large and heavy item as well as design and production of lifting and rigging equipment such as Hydraulic Gantry Systems, Skidding Systems and miscellaneous accessories. The company has a history of more than 30 years, in fact it was founded in 1973.
The company has grown up in the years thanks to the carefull interest of the associates in the new technologies. This interest was confirmated by the use of new and more perfomant milling machines plus dimensional measurements with laser systems. The good reputation built by the use of very good machines and operators has convinced the actual board to shift the interest of the company to customers more exigents and specialized. In the CLP industrial site there is the possibility to supply: engineering, heavy welding constructions, machining, painting, and assembly.

So CLP is the right answer to requests of flexibility, precision and reliability.